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About CEO Q Magazine

About CEO Magazine

About CEO Q Magazine

CEO Q is a subscription-based executive magazine offering an expert platform for CEO intelligence and business development. The magazine provides its subscribers with new perspectives, insights, intelligence, expert opinion, analysis, best practices, case studies, and white papers to help them address current and emerging risks and opportunities.

Editorial Philosophy

CEO Q is not a news magazine. There is plenty of excellent news reporting agencies. What is lacking is executive decision support via practical research and analysis to leverage major events, rapidly changing markets, and long-term political, economic, societal, technological, and environmental trends. 

Key Reports:

CEO Q publishes the following reports

  • The Global CEO Intelligence Report:
    Provides economic analysis of global trends and the driving forces. The report focuses on economic risks and opportunities for the next decade (updated annually)     

  • The Global Investment Report:
    Provides financial market forecasts and covers innovations, disruptions, cycles, trends, major events, risks and opportunities      

  • CEO Strategy Report:
    Covers growth and risk management strategies with focus on asymmetric competitive strategies

  • CEO Best Practices Report:
    Identifies executive best practices in the private and public sectors. The report covers the ten general management functions, including economics, strategy, executive leadership, human capital, marketing, accounting, finance, operations, information and communication technology, and business law

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CEO Q sponsorship of special reports is open to private and public entities. All advertising and articles must meet CEO Q editorial guidelines and standards.

Sample Past Sponsors and Contributors:

  • International Institute of Management (USA)

  • IBM Entity Analytics Group (USA)

  • SAP (Germany)

  • Novell Inc (USA)

  • Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) (Dubai, UAE)

  • The Stirling Club  (USA)

  • Tharaa Holding (Dubai, UAE)

  • FedTechServices Inc. (USA)

  • K-Concept Klingborg (Stockholm, Sweden)

Who Are the People Behind CEO Q Magazine?

CEO Q is a publication of the International Institute of Management - A U.S. based best practices research and education organization. After the acquisition of CEO Quarterly magazine, the institute's Executive Journal, Economics Journal and CEO Q were re-branded as CEO Quotient. The editors, reviewers, and authors of CEO Q are industry experts who share their talent and insights with global business and government leaders.

Contact Information

Managing Editor:

  • Rohan Kumar:  
  • Email: editors <at>
  • Tel:   (+1). 702. 515. 7447 CEO Q at the International Institute of Management

Editorial Assistants

  • Martin Tonevski
  • Iryna Babenko - CEO Awards Research
  • Mo Safieh  - Economics and Financial Markets Research

Research and Editorial Alumni:

  • Alexandra Tkatch
  • Bohdana Hevierova
  • Helle Lauritzen
  • Lena Dietrich
  • Lena Jost
  • Linda Kimeisa
  • Manuela Molloer


  • Alina Sviderskaj​a:   legal <at>

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Best Practices Papers

CEO Q editorial focus is to identify and publish breakthroughs in business thinking, management best practices and lessons from the world's most successful companies and economies. Researchers, consultants and authors are invited to submit their articles for considerations. For more information, please visit:

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