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CEO Q Media Kit & Rate Card

CEO Q Readership
CEO Q magazine targets two types of readers:

1. Core Readership
The print edition targets the most influential global business and government leaders, including:

  • The top 10,000 C-level executives and board of directors of the global Fortune 1000 including (CEO, CFOs, CMOs, COO, CIO, CLOs, VP of HR)

  • The top 1000 global investors and family offices

  • The US government leaders including the executive branch, the senate, the congress, and the major political parties

  • Top international development agencies such as the UN, WTO, IMF, World Bank and influential NGOs

  • Leading business/economic news media outlets

2. General Readership
The online edition is read by over 100,000 online business readers. The content is promoted through our executive online media network partners. The reader demographics consist mostly of management professionals.

The CEO Q Magazine Difference
CEO Q is an executive development magazine. Unlike traditional news magazines, the majority of its content is not time-bound. CEOs can share it with their management team to update their knowledge, educate their  stakeholders on relevant topics or introduce their products and services to new clients. CEO Q is the type of magazine that CEOs keep in their reference library, boardroom, meeting rooms, and office reception. Companies that sponsor CEO Q's Special Reports use the magazine as  a highly effective platform for branding and promoting their business. The mailing list of the special reports can be customized to target a specific geographic region, industry or executive job title.

Advertising Rates

Print Edition (10,000 prints)

Ask for special introductory discount of 50%
Valid only for first time advertisers

Ad Size and Position  Fees
 Special Report Sponsorship
 Up to 12 Pages Including 4 Covers
 One Page First Outside Cover  30,000
 One Page, Back Outside Cover  20,000
 One Page, First Inside Cover  15,000
 One Page, Last Inside Cover  15,000
 Two Pages (Spread) Middle Position  15,000
 Two Pages (Spread) All Other Positions  10,000
 One Page, All Other Positions  7,000

Online Edition (Banner Size: 150 pix x 150 pix or less)

Online Banner   Fees
  Page Views *
 Home Page, First Position (top)   10,000   100,000
 Home Page, Second Position   7,000   70,000
 Home Page, Third Position   4,000   40,000
 Article Page, First Position   3,000   30,000
 Article Page, Second Position   2,000   20,000
 Article Page, Third & Fourth Positions   1,000   10,000

* Online Ad will continue to run beyond the set date until the estimated number of page views is reached.

Circulation and Readership Verification
The verification of the print and online distribution can be provided via post office mailing receipts and detailed online traffic reports. Online advertisers are provided with a  quarterly website traffic report detailing the number of page views per month, number of unique IP address and visitors, visitor's geographic locations, number of readers who added the article to their favorites/bookmarks and other details.

Publication Dates
CEO Q publishes one annual report per year. CEO Q also publishes several special reports covering emerging economic and business issues as they become important. The special reports are not scheduled and their dates are determined in partnership with the sponsors of each report.

Media Planning & Events Calendar


Online Advertising

Online Banners Specifications


  • High Quality GIF or JPEG (No flash)
  • Color: RGB
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Size: 150 x 150 pix or less
Print Advertising

Print Ad Specifications


  • Format: Adobe Illustrator (AI) or Photoshop (PSD), EPS, TIF, JPEG (Do not use LZW compression when saving your jpeg files)
  • Color: CMYK or Grayscale (No RGB)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Grayscale images should have a linescreen of 144.

Print Dimensions:

  • Trim Area (WxH): 8.125  x 10.75 inch (20.6 x 27.3 cm)
  • Live Area (WxH): 7 X 10 inch (17.8 X 25.4 cm)
  • Bleeds: 0.125 inch or 0.3 cm (top, bottom, right, and left)


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