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CEO Awards
Most Respected CEOs
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CEO Magazine - CEO Awards

CEO Awards - Most Respected CEOs - CEO Q - The CEO Magazine

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CEO Magazine - CEO Awards

About the CEO Awards

Welcome to the CEO Awards. Every few years CEO Q magazine identifies and honors the most respected companies and their C-level executives. CEO Q and the researchers at the International Institute of Management draw on the views of thousands stakeholders including investors, analysts, executives, employees, and media professionals worldwide. The survey results guide the researchers to studying and publishing best management practices and critical success factors. The CEO Awards project identifies and honors the following top executive titles:

  • Most Respected CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CPOs, CIOs
  • Rising CEOs (CEOs to Watch)
  • Government Leaders (Civic Leadership)
  • Most Respected Management Thinkers / Authors
  • Most Respected Management Consultants
  • Most Respected Business Lawyers
  • Most Respected Investment Management Firms
  • Most Respected Executive Coaches
  • Most Respected Executive Search Firms
  • Most Respected Management Professors
  • Most Respected Management Books

Nominations Criteria

Public stakeholders can nominate (or vote for) their most respected companies and their leaders.
  • Nominations are open worldwide to all C-level executives from private or public companies with revenues or assets of $1 billion or more.
  • CEO Rising nominations are open worldwide for CEOs of companies with annual revenues or assets of $100 million or more.
  • Researchers at CEO Q determine the respectability of the CEO based on executive achievements. Achievements can be growth in revenues and/or profits, successful turnaround, tackling difficult economic or industry times, expansion into new markets, leading market share, successful M&A integration, new products/services, new business models, and so on.
  • Government CEOs are open to all federal government leaders and C-level managers.
  • For authors, consultants, coaches, and professors, the nominee should be an original thinker who impacted the way we think and do business. S/he should be published and there should be sufficient media coverage, quotations and/or research reference to the person's works.

Methodology & Ranking Criteria

The polls methodology provides the ability to validate nominations and allows insights into the nominees' critical success factors.

  • Nominations are open to the public
  • Upon receiving the nominations, further research is conducted to validate the nominations using sales figures, business/investment analysts' ratings, competitive benchmarking and industry/market impact as expressed in public media.
  • Once nominations are accepted, CEO Q expert panel vote for each CEO and give reasons for their vote, thus providing valuable insights into what key factors drive the success of these nominees. The experts are selected by the International Institute of Management.

In a nutshell, the public nominates, and CEO Q validates the nominations based on internal research, public endorsements, media coverage, and number of expert votes

Nominations and Submissions

  • To nominate a candidate for the CEO Awards, you must include a brief summary text with URL to reference materials and information (such as books, papers and websites that can be used for further research).
  • Supplied contact data are kept confidential.
  • All positive and negative information are taken into consideration; however no negative information will be published. The CEO Awards celebrate successes not failures.
  • Nominations or submissions with missing or incorrect contact information or email addresses will not be considered.
  • Multiple submissions from the same person to the same poll are eliminated.
  • Users may be contacted to validate or obtain more information about submission, nominees and/or references.


  • The "Most Respected CEOs" awards will be published in print and online. Results will be distributed to worldwide media and can be accessed on the CEO Q website free of charge

How to Nominate Your Company / CEO / CXO?

To nominate or participate in the surveys, please select one of the following nomination forms:

Send your questions, comments and feedback to:

  • ceo.awards (at)


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