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Michael Dan - CEO of Brinks - Winner of the Most Respect CEOs

Michael Dan
CEO of Brinks

The Coaching CEO

Company Profile
Industry: Security Services
Employees: 50,000
Revenues: $3B

CEO Achievements

Michael Dan turned around The Brinks Company by focusing the company business, divesting unprofitable companies, fixing  a faltering BAX business unit and selling it for double the valuation from $600 million to $1.1 billion

Dan executed a strategy to improve the company’s operations and financial position following The Pittston Company’s failed attempt to sell Brink’s in the 1980s. Dan’s plan succeeded so well that, instead of selling Brink’s, The Pittston Company became Brink’s.

One of the most significant achievements was getting out of the coal business. Under Dan’s leadership, the transition brought Brink’s back to its roots and left the company in a position to increase profits in the long term. Revenues at BAX another business unit had been faltering the late 1990s. He made the decision to turn the company around, then sell it for higher valuation. In 2005, he sold BAX for $1.1 billion. Wall Street valuation of  BAX at that time was at about $600 million

In the 1990s, when charged with improving the lackluster performance of Brink’s international affiliates, Dan instituted a policy of purchasing controlling interests in international affiliates whenever possible and dissolving or selling any joint venture that refused to cooperate. This policy gave the company the control it needed to ensure consistency of service and to transform from an international organization into a truly global company.

In 1984, Dan decertified the Teamsters, a process that served as a strategic turning point for the company by lowering wage costs and making Brink’s a more competitive force in the industry.

How he won his employee respect?

  • Establishment and funding of a retiree health and benefits plan to secure the future of retired employees from all Brink’s legacy businesses.

  • Establishing a universal, zero-tolerance code of ethics throughout Brink’s global operations.

  • Instilling throughout Brink’s a focus on safety and security and, specifically, “bringing every employee home safely each night”.

Key Challenges: 

  • Economic return to growth in 2010.

Leadership Style

"Dan’s leadership style is incredibly open, always transparent. He’s a fantastic teacher and very engaged at all levels of the organization. - Frank Lennon - VP & Chief Administration Office


Michael T. Dan, 59, is Chairman, President and CEO of The Brink's Company. Dan joined the company in 1982 as Director of Automotive Design. Later, he became Regional Vice President, Executive Vice President of North America, then President and CEO of the Brink’s holding company with responsibility for all security businesses. In 1998, Mr. Dan became President and CEO of The Pittston Company, and in 1999 he was elected Chairman, President and CEO. Before joining Brink’s, Mr. Dan was President of Armored Vehicle Builders, Inc. He attended Morton College and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University.

CEO Insights

To learn more about Michael Dan's Executive Insights, please visit CEO Q Interview with Michael Dan

About Brink's
The Brink's is a leading global security services company listed on NYSE with more than $3 billion in revenues,  50,000 employees worldwide, and operations in over 50 countries. The Brink's company provides armored car transportation, ATM servicing, currency and coin processing and other value-added services to banks, retailers and other commercial and governmental agencies around the world.

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