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CEO Profile

David Blair - CEO of Catalyst Health Solutions - Most Respected CEOs - Top CEOs, Best CEOs

David Blair
CEO of Catalyst Health Solutions
The Fast Growth CEO

Company Profile
Industry: Insurance Brokers
Employees: 995
Revenues: $3.2B
Market Cap: $1.93B

CEO Awards -  A Special CEO Honor

David Blair is one of the best CEOs under 40 years old. At a young age, he took the company to great growth levels. Under his leadership, Catalyst Health became one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

CEO Achievements

  • Revenue growth from $5 million at IPO (1999) to $3.6 billion in projected revenue for 2010

  • Market cap growth of 750% in 10 years, from ~$200 million in 1999 to about $1.5 billion

  • Net Income compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% since 2005

  • In the two most recent consecutive years, Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc. has been awarded the top customer satisfaction ratings for “Overall Service and Performance” in the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Customer Satisfaction Report


David Blair joined Catalyst in 1997 as CFO and subsequently spearheaded a successful national marketing research campaign to develop the Company’s supplemental benefits programs, resulting in record growth. In 1999, Mr. Blair was named the Company’s CEO and Director of the Company’s Board of Directors. In 2001, Mr. Blair launched a major initiative to complement the Company’s supplemental benefits and expanded into the pharmacy benefit management industry through selective acquisitions and strategic investments. Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc. has experienced a rate of growth substantially greater than its competitors and positioned itself as a market leader in providing superior quality of care and unbiased pharmacy benefit management solutions.

The company maintains a strong focus on innovation, efficiency, and superior service and has a long-standing commitment to transparency and flexible pricing options from traditional to fully pass-through. With a commitment to innovation and a unique knowledge of the healthcare industry, Mr. Blair has steered Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc. from a medium regional player to a nationally recognized healthcare company.

The Company is built on strong, innovative principles and provides an unbiased, client-centered philosophy, which has consistently resulted in industry-leading client retention rates and performance.

Prior to joining Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc., Blair served in a financial role for United Payors and United Providers, where he contributed to the Company’s initial public offering and several strategic acquisitions. He is a Director of the Leadership Board for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and is a frequent participant in panel discussions and on advisory boards and steering committees where he lends his entrepreneurial skills and expertise in healthcare to advance various initiatives.

CEO Insights

"Our success at Catalyst Health has been driven by our commitment to continually recruit and retain the best and brightest professionals in our industry. We reinforce throughout the organization our vision of placing the unique needs of our clients first - having a simple, common objective empowers our employees and aligns business decisions. We challenge our team to identify and develop innovative, targeted solutions aimed at meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We then focus on effective corporate-wide communication processes and appropriate performance incentives. All strategy, from the delivery of our services, to improvements that maximize operational efficiencies, to the development of lowest net cost solutions are built around these key principles." - David Blair - CEO, Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc.

The Company’s commitment to transparency, customized programs, and lowest net cost solutions in the management of pharmacy benefits continues to drive our success - David Blair - CEO, Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc.

CEO Endorsement

“While the abilities to think strategically, embrace innovation and drive performance are important hallmarks of a good leader, a great leader is one who, like David Blair, creates and sustains a work environment that consistently motivates employees to perform at their best. David has effectively managed through such changes by utilizing timely communication to keep employees focused and engaged, while maintaining a steadfast commitment to leadership development as a means to ensure the success of the organization’s pipeline..”  - Monica Wolfe - Vice President, HR

About Catalyst Health Solutions
Catalyst Health Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ CHSI) manages prescription drug benefits for more than 7 million people in the United States and Puerto Rico. Its subsidiaries include Catalyst Rx, a full-service pharmacy benefit manager; HospiScript Services, LLC, one of the largest providers of pharmacy benefit management services to the hospice industry; and Immediate Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., a fully-integrated prescription mail service facility in Avon Lake, Ohio. The Company's clients include self-insured employers including state and local governments, managed care organizations, unions, hospices, third-party administrators and individuals.

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