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CEO Profile

Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of Manpower - Winner of the Most Respected CEOs - CEO Q - CEO Awards - Top CEOs, Best CEOs

Jeffrey Joerres,
CEO of Manpower Inc.

Company Profile

Industry: Staffing and Outsourcing
Employees: 28,000
Revenues: $17.3B
Market Cap: $4B

CEO Achievements

In 2008, Manpower celebrated its 60th anniversary. Considering the average multinational company lasts between 40 and 50 years, this is a major achievement to the executives that built and led the company. Despite the global recession, Manpower operating cash flow continues to be strong, at $414 million, ending 2009 with $1 billion in cash. Manpower is the world leader in RPO (recruitment process outsourcing).

Jeff has led a transformation of Manpower's business strategy, adding new business lines that have expanded the company's ability to assist clients and candidates in navigating the changing world of work. His role at Manpower has seen him advising domestic and foreign government officials about how to transform their labor markets to compete in the global economy. Under Jeff's tenure, Manpower has experienced rapid growth, expanding the footprint of the organization to 4,100 offices across 82 countries and territories.

His achievements for the company have seen Manpower share value more than triple, and the company has climbed the ranks of the Fortune 500 American companies list, moving from 183 to 119 in 2009.

Jeff is a strong proponent of job training and workforce development initiatives.


Jeffrey A. Joerres is Chairman and CEO of Manpower Inc. Having joined Manpower in 1993, Jeff served as Vice President of Marketing, and later, as Senior Vice President of European Operations and Global Account Management. It was in 1999 that he was promoted to President and CEO, and in 2001 that he was named Chairman of the Board.

Outside of the company, he serves on the board of trustees for the Committee for Economic Development (CED), and is co-chair of the CEO Diversity Committee of the Greater Milwaukee Committee. In addition, Jeff was the 2008 Co-chair at the World Economic Forum India Economic Summit Prior to joining Manpower, Jeff held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ARI Network Services, a publicly held, high-tech electronic data interchange company. He has also held several management positions within IBM.

In addition to the Manpower's board, Jeff is a member of the board of directors of Artisan Funds, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Johnson Controls and the U.S. Council for International Business (USCIB). He is also a 2008 Woodrow Wilson International Award Recipient for Corporate Citizenship; Featured Second Life Thought Leader in 2009 Evolution of the Virtual Workforce; Featured Panelist in 2009 US Secretary of Education Initiative for Advancement of Technical Colleges to Address Trade Skills Gap.

Jeff has a bachelor's degree from Marquette University's College of Business Administration, from which he graduated in 1983.

CEO Insights

It is critical to get out of your office and meet people face-to-face. You have to stay connected with your people so that you know where the challenges lie within your organization. The imperial CEO belongs to a bygone age - in the contemporary world of work, CEOs are here to serve, not to be served and management is all about flexibility and agility. - Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of Manpower

Being solution-oriented is a big part of being a leader - it's a tremendous leadership quality. - Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of Manpower

Talent mismatch is a global problem, but it is more acute at the mid- to higher-level skills - Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of Manpower

To foster job creation, one of the groups that initiatives should be targeted at is potential new business owners. New small business owners will drive long-term job creation in this country, and skilled trades workers can potentially own their own business and have three or four employees within a few years. - Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of Manpower

The U.S. is hindering one of our greatest sources of innovation by having too low a limit on the number of non-immigrant (h3B) visas it issues. We are preventing the brightest minds from entering the country, which is nonsense given that the growth of this country came from people who arrived here from overseas with an idea, developed it and created employment. Two thirds of Silicon Valley companies were started by people born outside the U.S. If the brightest minds cannot come to the U.S., it will be our loss because there are plenty of other alternatives open to them in places like Shanghai, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Dubai. The modern labor market is truly global and to prevent workers with scarce skills coming here harms our competitiveness on the world stage - Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of Manpower

CEO Leadership

"Jeff’s leadership style is rooted in role modeling. He conducts himself the way he expects his employees to behave – as true ambassadors for the Manpower group of companies with a passion for people and the role of work in their lives. He is relentless in his pursuit of the company’s goals – providing our clients with the best possible talent - but knows how to balance cost reduction with investment. Jeff has motivated the whole organization to get behind what we are trying to achieve." VP of HR

About the Company
Manpower Inc. has been a world leader in providing workforce solutions for more than 60 years. With a presence in 82 countries and territories, Manpower offers services for the entire employment cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment, employee assessment and selection, training, outplacement, outsourcing and consulting.

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