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CEO Q Special Reports

CEO Q magazine invites business and management experts to participate in CEO Q's global best practices research reports. The research covers all subjects ranging from management issues to economic development initiatives. The report represents the developed thinking of researchers, consultants and executives of governmental organizations and global Fortune 1000 companies. The submitted papers provide ideas, frameworks, checklists, tools, insights, and lessons learned during the authors' work.

CEO Q focuses on two main areas:

  1. The global economy and strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and mitigate risks

  2. CEOs' success stories, critical success factors, best practices, pitfalls and lessons

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Special Reports
    CEO Reports: Competing in a Global Economy
Print   The Global CEO Intelligence Report: Economic Analysis of Trends and Driving Forces.
Print   Global Economic Risks and Opportunities for the Next Decade (updated annually)
     CEO Global Investment Report
Print    Financial Markets Forecast: Innovations. Disruptions. Cycles. Trends. Major Events. Risks and Opportunities
    CEO Strategy Report
Print   Growth Strategies
Print   Asymmetric Competitive Strategies
Print   Risk Management Strategies
    CEO Awards
Print   Online CEO Awards - The Most Respected CEOs
    CEO Education Best Practices
Print  Online How to Evaluate a CEO?
Print  Online How to Evaluate the Board of Directors?
Print  Online CEO Lessons
Print  Online CEO - Most Respected CEOs of All Time
Print  Online World's Top Management Gurus
Print  Online Most Respected Management Thinkers
Print  Online Most Respected Management Professors
Print  Online Executive Education Best Practices
Print  Online World's Best Executive Education Programs
Print  Online The Professional Alternatives to MBA Degrees
Print  Online Best Management Books
Print  Online Dysfunctional Leadership & Dysfunctional Organizations
    Socioeconomic Development Policies
Print   The World's Most Influential Socioeconomic Projects
Print   Gross National Happiness (GNH) Index
Print   Strategies for a Global Digital Economy
Print   Dubai CEO - The Secrets of One of the Most Innovative Economies
Print   Vegas! Strategies and Lessons from the World's Capital of Entertainment
Print   Global Development Strategies: G20 Countries and Emerging Economies


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Regional Economic Report (Highlights & Summary)

The 2008 Financial Crisis Report (Highlights & Summary)

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CEO Q - The CEO Magazine - Best CEO Awards - CEO Articles from Top CEOs

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